Owen, age 7 draws a Flock House and answers 7 questions at Bemis Center – Old Market

Owen, age 7. Flock House

Owen, age 7. Flock House

Here are Owen’s responses to the 7 questions, entered by a scribe.

He “thinks it’s cool, I like it. I love it because it makes me happy.” “Yes,” he “would go to bed (in the Flock House) and get some blankets, and play Ninja warrior in there.”

T o build a Flock House, “You would need some foam maybe to put all of them in and set it up.” As a member of the design team he suggests, “Maybe a hoop right there. (points towards ceiling) Glass, for breaking and melt it and reuse it again for a cannon.” He would bring the design team “wood and pillows and blankets and take them bowling.”

“Yes,” he would go to a Flock House gathering “Because I want to.”